Are you currently experiencing a really stressful time?

Does life sometimes lack inspiration, meaning or purpose?

Have you ever asked yourself . . .

. . . why do I have to go through such tough life challenges?

. . . is there really meaning and purpose in this troubled world?

. . . do bad times have deeper meaning for my personal growth?

If any of the above is true, this book could transform your life.

Introducing . . .

Where is God When Times are Tough?

The Journey to Inner Wisdom - Finding Answers to Life's Challenges

by Sandra May Hodgkinson

Are you experiencing a time in your life when the times are tough? Where the going has become so difficult you feel lost or abandoned, alone in an uncaring universe and wondering whether life will ever again hold any inspiration, fulfillment or hope?

Unbelievable as it may feel, traumatic times can be the harbinger of something extraordinary occurring within your being; a unique opportunity for transforming yourself and your life.

Imagine yourself

  • feeling an inner peace and tranquility as your normal state of being
  • experiencing life’s challenges as doorways into loving-kindness
  • living with insight and compassion rather than judgment and criticism.
  • enjoying more loving relationships with family and friends.
  • rediscovering the mystery and magic of truly living

“Where is God When Times are Tough?” offers you the insight on how to transform your life through transcending troubles and connecting with your own inner wisdom and insight.

During my own “Dark Night of the Soul” journey, I discovered a secret. The secret is, real change or transformation requires access to a higher level of consciousness than the level which created the problem. The reason is that the mind cannot contact the higher level insights the Soul can provide. Transformation, unfortunately, does not occur solely with an act of will.

An experienced special education teacher says. . .

"Healing, informative, inspirational and truly confronting, describe the contents of Sandi Hodgkinson's book, "Where is God When Times are Tough?" After two readings, I feel as though I have been blessed in numerous ways. Affirming me in choices I have made and paths I have taken. Offering me new perspectives and insights into a number of healing areas. Informing me of new ideas and concepts to support my own personal growth and soul journey. Encouraging and compelling me to journey onwards with confidence. Written with honesty, sensitivity and love. A must read." Helena Harwood, Special Education Teacher, Maleny, Queensland, Australia

The next and most important part of my discovery is; Transformation is a process requiring time whereby insights must be integrated into the very tissues of your being within the day to day living of your physical lives. The Good News is; during this process of transformation, we literally become different people, we live from a different level.

So why can’t you just study wise texts in order to transform in this way? The wise words are necessary but it is the actual application of the wisdom in our modern life that people find most difficult. The ancient wisdom is all very well, but you are left asking, “How do I actually change myself?”

What you need is a book as much about how to incorporate the truths as with revealing the truths themselves. “Where is God When Times are Tough?” does that. It is the human story of a person who took Divine principles and, in her ever so human way, applied them as best she could to her everyday life. It is the story of my faltering attempts to actually live the Truths. In doing so I changed my life.

This book follows my personal journey, not so much because I am special or heroic, but more that my Dark Night experience and process of growth and discovery provide more opportunities for self-discovery than hearing me pontificate on points of wisdom.

“Where is God When Times are Tough?” invites you to take just such an experiential journey. Incredibly, it became a journey leading to joy, purpose and fulfillment, one in which I came to understand the real meaning of soul and love in my life. In reading this book, you will find challenges familiar and relevant to your own life situations. There is much wisdom in this book you can apply to ease your own path.

What you will not find is a book written using a cerebral “how-to” style. Instead you will find a more feminine approach that respectfully, gently and with love invites you to find insights into your own life by walking in the moccasins of another. As you travel with my experiences, your life too could be transformed.

Here's what another reader says about "Where is God When Times are Tough?"

A professional accountant wrote . . .

"I feel quite honored to have been given the privilege to review this book. A bloody good read . . . enjoy your turn of phrase . . . your sense of humor comes through well. Regarding feminine self-betrayal, this section shows why the book needs to be published and read by a very wide audience. Loved the section on "Transcending energy and speaking your truth" … resonated with me and I suspect it will with quite a few other people. I particularly like your emphasis on the process of changing our ways . . .and the integration of this into the tissues of our being … thank you for the added perspective." Mary Meadows, Accountant, Conondale, Queensland.

The best news is, of course, we do not need to wait for tough times, for tragedy or disaster, to push us toward change. We do not have to be brought to our knees in order to experience oneness. Nor does the planet need to continue on its path toward destruction. We can change our ways. This book will demonstrate how you too can live with Soul.

This is how you can obtain this life-changing book.

The eBook

"Where is God When Times are Tough? The Journey to Inner Wisdom - Finding Answers to Life's Challenges"

Price: US$14.95

This is not some tiny 25 page ebook with a high price tag, but a "serious" ~200 page 100,000+ word book of great value to you on your journey to inner peace.

(Please Note: This is an ebook version, which comes with 2 bonuses below, but you can buy a paperback version alone for US$19.95 plus P&P using this link.)

Furthermore, to add more value and encourage you to make this move to a better life, with your order I will include two bonus gifts:

Bonus Gift 1

An eCourse:

"Tools for Inner Peace: Life Challenges . . . Practical Solutions"

Value: US$24.95

This 12 issue weekly emailed eCourse "Tools for Inner Peace". "Tools for Inner Peace" brings you a concise resource to be used in conjunction with the book and assisting you in strengthening your connection and skills in living a life of inner peace and wisdom. The delivery is set at one per week to allow you the time to absorb and integrate the material before the next issue arrives. This valuable resource can be read on your PC or printed and collected as a valuable resource that grows over time.


Bonus Gift 2

Printable Cards & Electronic Presentation:

"21 Steps to Inner Peace "- Inspirational Cards to Strengthen Remembrance".

Value: US$19.95

These cards are designed to be printed out and placed strategically around your home or office to assist you to maintain awareness of inner wisdom and peace in your daily life. They can also be set to run continuously as an electronic presentation on your PC. They include inspiring and insightful quotations to assist you to live with awareness, set against magnificent and inspiring scenes from nature.

Powerful Synergistic Process

So there you have it!

The book, the ecourse and the card set/presentation, all designed to work synergistically to aid your transformation.

A total $59.85 value for only $14.95 !!

Reading and contemplating the book, applying the ecourse tools every week and viewing/displaying the card set/presentation where you can see their messages regularly, offers you a powerfully synergistic and reinforcing life transformation process on your path to inner peace and wisdom.

Now it is up to you. If you have any tendency to self sabotage, now is when it will arise. May I suggest you do not allow it to stop you in your tracks. Why not make a move for growth and order the package?

My best wishes to you on your journey to Soul!


Sandra (Sandi) Hodgkinson

B.A. (Syd), Dip. Educ. (Aus), Dip Trans. Psych.(Aus), Dip. Int. Hyp. (US)

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